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Friday, August 10, 2018

So, just how cool is Google Docs.

Hint: It’s very cool.

Today’s post is a digression from the Norse Mythology. I have written in the past about discovering Neil Gaiman, Traveling across the realms, and Mimir’s head. But I also once wrote on writing process, taking on the old Panster vs. Plotter tavern game. Today, I want to return to writer’s methodology, and take a bit of a geek twist.

Recently I’ve been studying web development, and I put a Linux partition on my home computer. Having booted into it, I want to see how long I can stay there. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to VPN into work for a remote session, but otherwise, and obviously, if I’m to stay in Linux I will need to be able to write there, and have my work backed up on the cloud.

I have been using Microsoft Office and One Drive. They work together seamlessly as I’d expect. But on Linux it appears to be a bit difficult. There is now Word, of course. And connecting to One Drive, after Googling it, seems doable but seriously geeky.

Google Drive, on the other hand, mounts right up and is available in the file browser, all easy-peasy. I might add that I’ve been a Unix/Linux administrator, have passed college level course work on Unix, and when I took remote courses at Florida State, their servers were all Unix/Linux. So, I’m comfortable in the environment, I’ve built kernels and all that heavy hitting stuff, but that’s not the experience I’m after here.

So, Google Drive, and then that means I guess, Google Docs. I started typing out a new story idea last night, a paranormal romance. And what did I think of the experience. The program is featured enough for writing fiction, that’s not a problem. And what is super-cool, is I can access it anywhere I have a browser and internet.

I have a Chrome Book, someone gave it away for free and I haven’t tried it much until last night. But I found that I can type in my easy chair on the Chromebook, and when I get up and go over to the Ubuntu desktop, the words are on the screen too. Now I’m on another computer and have accessed it with Firefox, and there it. Seamless, effortless, cross-platform document editing, all thanks to the geniuses at Google.

Disclaimer: I’m not getting paid to say this.