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Scott Springer is a tall guy of average build – if he avoids the pastries, not always a given. He is a fully assimilated, third-generation American of Norwegian descent. Go Vikings. Before retiring to a desk twenty years ago, he was a carpenter for fifteen years. Swinging a hammer feels good.

Measuring out his life in coffee spoons and commuter miles, he’ll be quitting the day job in six to ten years if he doesn’t walk in front of a bus first, also not a given. He’s an absent-minded professor type often lost in thought, and he has indeed walked into traffic. Thanks for the shout outs, anonymous good Samaritans. If you see him driving in a car, get out of his way.

He currently makes his living programming computers, and don’t worry, he knows he’s talking to himself as he codes. But besides that, he does quite well living in a cubicle, just feed and water occasionally. His rear holds down a chair, but his mind soars through the universe. Whoever says travel at the speed of light is impossible isn't entirely correct.

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